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About Real Kabaddi League

Real Kabaddi League (RKL) is a franchise based sports league, a professional level kabaddi league in India managed by Atlanture Sports Private Limited. Real Kabaddi League has successfully cultivated local support and engaged communities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities across India. The league’s commitment to fostering a sense of pride and ownership within local communities has been instrumental in establishing Real Kabaddi League as more than just a sporting event. its motive is to catch young rural talent, and train-retrain them eventually groom them, to put on national and international map of kabaddi sport.

Real Kabaddi League


– Empower the regional kabaddi players in every way possible confidence, game, skill.

– Provide opportunity for local players, left behind due to limited resources.

– Build emotional connection with the audiences.

– Enable the growth trajectory of players (financial, scope, etc.)

Real Kabaddi League

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Real Kabaddi League


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