Many years ago, when the idea of Rajasthan Kabaddi League originated, it has achieved many milestones, it launched many newcomers and gave a new edge to the game of Kabaddi as a whole. We have provided a platform to businessman, multiple vendors and to the young players and enthusiasts of the Kabaddi game. The idea was very simple, to reach out to the potential Kabaddi players in Rajasthan and give them a stage to make a name of themselves in the world of Kabaddi. On 18th October 2019, the first game of Rajasthan Kabaddi League was played. Here is the small journey of Rajasthan Kabaddi League and how it made big.

It all started with the simple idea of giving a platform to the young talented players, we reached out the players in almost every nuke and corner of Rajasthan, after identifying the players, we reached out to the right businessman to become a part of the league. We joined hands with multiple organizations that helped us in helping the young talent and to support an initiative that will make Rajasthan even bigger in the map of Kabaddi in India. We started with just 4 teams, expanded into 6 and thus into 8 teams that eventually played in Season 1 of Rajasthan Kabaddi League. We expaned our horizons and created reached out to almost every citizen of Rajasthan and India through PR in news papers, Media Channels, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and on the Out Of Home platforms i.e. hoarding and signages on the busy streets of multiple cities of Rajasthan.

We made eight teams- Jinc Jodhana, Mewar Warriors, Singh Soorma, Jaipur Jaguars, Ajmer Lions, Chambal Champions, Shekhawati Kings and Bikana Riders. Each teams have individual owners and they manage the team according to their need and ensure the availability of the resources to the players. We kept a large sum of amount to the winners and runner ups of the Rajasthan Kabaddi League it motivated player and the owners to become the champion and provide multiple opportunities to the individual players of the game as well. Many big name(Kabaddi players) of different Kabaddi leagues along with players that represent India on the international stage played in Rajasthan Kabaddi League as well. But the young talent created a buzz for themselves and the crowd cheered for their success.

We divided the players by a strict evaluation and ensure that every team has the equal and right amount of talent. We set the table of matches and gave each team an equal chance of fighting to the top. Our preparation and the level of event execution parred with the international level gaming leagues.

In Season 1 of Rajasthan Kabaddi League, Shekhawati Kings won the final match by beating Jinc Jodhana.

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