The introduction of Rajasthan Kabaddi League is quite simple. It is Rajasthan’s biggest kabaddi league. How? we started a brand new format under which we not only promote the regional talent of Rajasthan but also cater to their needs and understand how they can reach to the top of the game not just regionally but nationally and thus internationally. The idea is more than promoting Kabaddi to the international level but also to promote the hardworking and talented players who are the real soul of the game.

We go to the distant locations of Rajasthan, like Sikar, Dholpur, Karauli etc to search for the talent that has the capability to take the name of India further in the World of Kabbadi. We think that the real talent and potential is in the grass root level of our country, and our job is to not only give them a platform but also provide them with necessary equipment and polish them to become a star. We are building an atmosphere for the young talent, no matter from which location he is, can thrive and create a bigger name for himself and our country.

We initiated this movement almost two years ago, we began our first trails in Jaipur and moved to different locations in Rajasthan, we kept looking for young talented players who showed great potential in the game of Kabaddi. We selected a few of them from each location and kept moving ahead. We start preparing and grooming them as a international league players. We followed a league system under which we created eight teams in the initial season. We divided those players equally in the team according to their potential and their area of expertise. We created equal teams, they had a perfect blend of different expert players, some of them were fresh talents, some represent our great nation internationally and some even play in other professional leagues. We gave those young talent a chance to shine themselves and show their true potential to the people who love and cherish Kabaddi.

Many of the player played like there is no tomorrow, their aggression, speed and strength created many milestones along the way. Some of them even gave tough competition to the best-in-class players of the World. The made a permanent mark in the eyes of the best Kabaddi faculty in the India and in the world. Rajasthan Kabaddi League turned out to be one of the biggest regional level platform for the young talent to rise above the boundaries of their village, town or city to become one of the most prominent Kabaddi players in the world.

Our ideology was not just concerned about creating a league which is pars with international leagues but to also connect the local talent to the international grounds and platform. This vision of finding India’s best players has taken a shape of a league which has redefined the notion of success and gave a new meaning of mutual growth.

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