Following the remarkable success of Pro Kabaddi League, the franchise-based sports league Real Kabaddi League has emerged with the mission of empowering the regional Kabaddi players and elevating their recognition on the national stage.

The tournament is a perfect platform for young and upcoming talent to showcase their skills. The common goal of the league is to focus on scouting and nurturing talent from non-metro cities and grassroots.

A total of eight teams are taking part in the tournament namely Arawali Eagles, Bikana Riders, Chambal Pirates, Jaipur Jaguars, Shekhawati Kings, Mewar Monks, Jodhana Warriors, Singh Soorma.

Shekhawat Kings, under the leadership of Naveen Sharma, will enter this season as the defending champions after defeating Chambal Pirates with a scoreline of 41-32 in last season’s finale.

Real Kabaddi League brand promoter Ranvijay Singh launched the season anthem, written and sung by Indian Idol fame Swaroop Khan.

The video captures a few motivational words from Ranvijay and Khatron Ke Khiladi 13 and Big Boss contestant Shiv Thakare. With its irresistible beat, this song is sure to not only grab your attention but also ignite your passion for the sport of Kabaddi.

In reference to the same, Rannvijay Singha expressed,

“I think the song is brilliantly written by Swaroop Khan and the video captures the essence of the sport to the tee. When I heard it for the first time, I knew it had a good ring to it and I am sure the song will catch on amongst people.”

Swaroop Khan later added,

“It is my pleasure and privilege to create a song like this. I have been attached to the game of Kabaddi since childhood and making a song for the sport I love is like a dream come true. I would like to thank Mr. Shubham Choudhary, the CEO of Real Kabaddi for giving me such a fantastic opportunity.”

Real Kabaddi League 2023: Full Schedule & Match Timings (All Times in IST)

Match 1: September 22, 7:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Chambal Pirates

Match 2: September 22, 8:00 PM – Jaipur Jaguar vs Singh Soorma

Match 3: September 23, 6:00 PM – Shekhawati Kings vs Bikana Riders

Match 4: September 23, 7:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Mewar Monks

Match 5: September 23, 8:00 PM – Jaipur Jaguar vs Aravali Eagles

Match 6: September 24, 6:00 PM – Chambal Pirates vs Singh Soorma

Match 7: September 24, 7:00 PM – Bikana Riders vs Mewar Monks

Match 8: September 24, 8:00 PM – Aravali Eagles vs Shekhawati Kings

Match 9: September 25, 6:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Jaipur Jaguars

Match 10: September 25, 7:00 PM – Chambal Pirates vs Bikana Riders

Match 11: September 25, 8:00 PM – Aravali Eagles vs Singh Soorma

Match 12: September 25, 9:00 PM – Shekhawati Kings vs Mewar Monks

Match 13: September 26, 6:00 PM – Aravali Eagles vs Chambal Pirates

Match 14: September 26, 7:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Bikana Riders

Match 15: September 26, 8:00 PM – Mewar Monks vs Jaipur Jaguars

Match 16: September 26, 9:00 PM – Shekhawati Kings vs Singh Soorma

Match 17: September 27, 6:00 PM – Bikana Riders vs Aravali Eagles

Match 18: September 27, 7:00 PM – Mewar Monks vs Chambal Pirates

Match 19: September 27, 8:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Singh Soorma

Match 20: September 27, 9:00 PM – Shekhawati Kings vs Jaipur Jaguar

Match 21: September 28, 6:00 PM – Mewar Monks vs Aravali Eagles

Match 22: September 28, 7:00 PM – Bikana Riders vs Singh Soorma

Match 23: September 28, 8:00 PM – Jaipur Jaguar vs Chambal Pirates

Match 24: September 28, 9:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Shekhawati Kings

Match 25: September 29, 6:00 PM – Mewar Monks vs Singh Soorma

Match 26: September 29, 7:00 PM – Shekhawati Kings vs Chambal Pirates

Match 27: September 29, 8:00 PM – Jodhana Warriors vs Aravali Eagles

Match 28: September 29, 9:00 PM – Jaipur Jaguar vs Bikana Riders

Match 29: September 30, 7:00 PM – Semi-Final 1

Match 30: September 30, 8:00 PM – Semi-Final 2

Final: October 1, 8:30 PM

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