After the action of 28 league matches and two semifinals, we have our two finalists of the Real Kabaddi League 2023. On Saturday, Jaipur Jaguar and Singh Soorma advanced to the final of the Real Kabaddi League season 3 by winning their respective final four matches.

Jaipur Jaguar locked horns with Aravali Eagles in the first semifinal. The Jaguars were on the prowl from the very first minute of the game but the Eagles put up a strong fight in the first half.

The Jaipur-based side had a four-point lead after the first half as the scoreline read 17-13. However, they activated their killer instincts in the second half as they hunted the Eagles for fun.

Aravali Eagles were no match for Jaipur Jaguars in the second half as the latter cruised to an easy 44-21 win to secure their berth in the final. Jaipur Jaguars enforced three all-outs on Aravali Eagles to assert their dominance.

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