The Real Kabaddi League Season 3 is off to a scintillating start & the excitement peaked with Aastha Gill’s electrifying performance.


The Real Kabaddi League Season 3 is off to a scintillating start, and on Day 3, the excitement reached new heights as popular singer Aastha Gill graced the event with her electrifying performance. The star performer brought her latest single, “Kyun,” to life on the stage, captivating the audience with her sensational act. Not only did she steal the show with her rocking performance, but she also proved to be a lucky charm for her team, the Aravali Eagles, who secured a thrilling victory.

In a nail-biting clash that had spectators at the edge of their seats, the Aravali Eagles faced off against the Shekhawat Kings. The intense battle saw both teams giving it their all, with remarkable displays of skill, strategy, and teamwork. The final score of 50-47 favored the Aravali Eagles, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

What made this victory even more special was Aastha Gill’s role as the promoter of the Aravali Eagles. Her presence not only added star power to the event but also seemed to infuse the team with an extra dose of motivation. It was clear that she was not just a performer but also a passionate supporter of Kabaddi.

Speaking about the electrifying evening set by Aastha Gill, Mr. Shubham Choudhary, Founder of Atlanture Sports Private Limited and CEO of Real Kabaddi, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We wanted to provide an entertaining night that the players and audiences will remember for a long time. The teams have been practicing hard for the past few days, and we are sure that as the tournament progresses, we are going to witness some great matches.”

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