Real Kabaddi League Receives a Powerful Boost as Rannvijay Singha Comes Aboard, Adding Dynamism and Entertainment to the Upcoming Season

In a strategic move that promises to reshape the landscape of sports and entertainment, India’s renowned Youth Icon and enterprising personality, Rannvijay Singha, has assumed the role of investor and Brand Promoter for the Real Kabaddi League.

This collaboration heralds a new era for the league, infusing it with Rannvijay’s charisma and energy, which is sure to elevate the league’s profile to greater heights of dynamism, power, and entertainment.

Rannvijay’s association with Real Kabaddi goes beyond the surface, as he was already linked to the league during its previous season. By solidifying his relationship with the league as an investor and brand promoter, Rannvijay has not only exhibited his dedication to the sport but has also committed to amplifying the league’s impact on a national scale.

The upcoming Season 3 of the Real Kabaddi League, scheduled to kick off at the end of September, is set to bask in the radiance of Rannvijay’s involvement, promising a fusion of sports and entertainment that will resonate with diverse audiences.

In an exhilarating development for both the league and its ardent followers, Rannvijay Singha expressed his excitement, stating, “From the inception of Real Kabaddi, I have closely observed their journey and witnessed the remarkable strides they have made in shaping the league.

A fervent admirer of Kabaddi, I firmly believe that this sport has the potential to rival cricket in terms of popularity in India. The idea of contributing to a league-based sport in my country has been a long-held aspiration, and I’m thrilled that this dream is finally realized.”

Mr. Shubham Choudhary, the visionary Founder of Atlanture Sports Private Limited, which oversees the Real Kabaddi League, welcomed Rannvijay’s collaboration, highlighting the innate synergy between the entertainment industry and sports.

He stated, “Rannvijay’s passion for Kabaddi is palpable, and we are elated to have him on board not only as an investor but also as a brand promoter. This partnership signifies a bridge between sports and entertainment, further bolstering our efforts to attract a wider audience. His influence as India’s Youth Icon is unparalleled, making him the perfect catalyst for our league’s expansion.”

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